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Earthy personality

The pivot around which the seasons and the elements turn, relates to the earth element, which is the element of late Summer.

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Ancient Taoists reduced the universe to 5 basic elements which could be used to describe the character of everything from the personalities in the body to landscapes to times of year. Each person has all 5 elements in their personality. However, earthy of us have a dominant element. Here they are, in a nutshell.

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The Universe and everything within was formed from the 4 elements. The very fabric of existence is woven from these elements and yes that means you as well. Scientists have confirmed through their research that we are indeed made up of the very fabric of the Universe. The building blocks of life are formed from personality a few basic ingredients. And yes these ingredients are present in the stars, the makeup of the Universe and the 4 elements. And it is for this very reason the 4 Elements can have such a profound impact on your life. Every human being has a personality matched by one of the elements and by discovering earthy element your personality type is you are personality placed to understand the strengths and weaknesses of your personality.

On thisyou earthy be able to learn more about your element and perhaps better understand your place in the world.

For many, this has been a great revelation that has a profound impact on their lives. Our vast Universe and all that it contains is built from personality earthy building blocks of existence. The basis of everything around us is made up from the 4 elements — Water, Air, Earth, and Fire.

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Over the centuries, both scientists and philosophers have pondered earthy the creation of the Universe. They agree that the very fabric of our existence comes down to the four elements. Water, Air, Earth, and Fire make up the personality building blocks that have created such incredible personality. You, me, the animals around us, the trees in our forests, and the stars in our skies — we are all formed with a unique balance of the elements.

This is what makes us all so different to each other and this is the basis for all astrology. In modern times, we are bombarded with information about new age theories and practices — it can feel overwhelming.

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The study of the four elements brings us back to the basics and underpins many of the theories that have earthy since ancient times. If we look back in history, we see the theme of four and of balance in many cultures and spiritual teachings. Buddhism teaches about the four noble truths, American Indians worked with the personality directions, Judaism talks of the four worlds — in fact, just about all teachings that have pagan origins use the same archetype.

Earth-type people

The study of the 4 elements in astrology forms a bridge from the ancient wisdom of the past to our present. It allows us to use the knowledge held dear by the elders for ourselves. As Debra Silverman teaches, both in her personality school and within her book — The Missing Element — everything contained in the earthy study of astrology stands on the shoulders of the 4 elements. It is by earthy understanding the elements that scholars of this ancient art begin to see the bigger picture and connect the dots that make up the human persona.

Our personality type is made up of one or more of the personalities.

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Everyone has a different mix, which explains why we are such earthy different people. When we come to understand how the elements shape our minds, behaviours and emotions, we earthy the door to a deep and profound understanding of ourselves and those around us. A personality may have a predominance of Fire, but lack Water. This person my personality that they have huge amounts of energy and passion, but lack any depth in their emotional understanding of the people in their lives. Your personality is influenced hugely by the dominant elements it contains.

However, it is equally affected by the missing element.

How do you do this? For personality, if you lack water you may find it difficult to empathize with the emotions of other people. To cultivate the missing element, you spend time doing activities that stimulate your own emotions and empathy, such as watching emotionally moving films. If you lack air, you may find it a challenge to communicate effectively. To cultivate the traits that air brings, you may a debating earthy or take a course in effective public speaking.

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If Earth is missing, you may be disorganized around the home and work. Your focus in cultivating your missing element may be in creating a system of order around you and de-cluttering your home. If Fire is the element you have missing, you may find your energy and determination to succeed can be earthy weak.

The key for you may be to focus on personality things that excite you and have a target, such as taking up a new sport, fitness challenge or study. When you understand the elements, the traits they provide and how their weighting earthy affects you, astrology has a new meaning. You not only personality peace with your own character type, but with those of others too.

The 4 elements & personality traits

You now understand why one of your children wants to stay in his room and play earthy, whilst the other one craves company. You can understand why your personality becomes quiet and distant when she is feeling unsettled, whereas you tend to fly off the handle. Your new knowledge is like being handed the key to the human soul.

Water people are emotional, intuitive, deeply creative, empathetic, spiritual and psychic.

Personality and the 5 elements. which one are you?

Water allows people to emotionally connect with others. Thus, water people tend to be secretive and private. It is important then, for water people to learn how to hone emotions through meditation and see the value in water. Water is real. Water makes us vulnerable and it makes us human. It connects us with spirit and with soul. If you want to achieve a earthy, balanced, and beautiful life… you need water. Air people are brilliant, curious, independent, talkative they literally fill the air with words personality, observant, and entertaining, but they are also impractical and restless.

Discovering the 5 personality types – which one are you?

Air people are intellectuals earthy on a quest for new personality. And while air people have an enormous propensity to develop new ideas and tell stories they are perhaps the best storytellersthey have a hard time truly connecting emotionally to others, even though they want nothing more than to be completely understood. Earth people are grounded, practical, disciplined and focused. They like instruction, rules, and combined with dependable routine.

The five element theory

They are also super organized and clean. While earth people have few friends, they are unwaveringly loyal to those they do have. Earth personality are very monogamous when it comes to relationships. They refuse to engage in idle chitchat, and above all, earth people are deeply connected—as you might have guessed—to the earth. Judgemental: If you are not like them they think you have a problem. Fire people are enthusiastic, impulsive, inspirational, humorous, dramatic and fun.

They are earthy performers. While fire people easily swing from one extreme to the other, it is important to remember that personality people speak and act earthy from the heart. They deliver everything with passion.

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And yet, fire people easily grow self-conscious when they speak before thinking which happens fairly often. So, it is dire for personality people to learn to communicate that they are merely being pushy out of a desire to help. Fun: They are the party lovers, the ones who want the music earthy up.

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Fill out the form below to show your interest in the 4 Elements session. Website by Growth Gurus. These elements are Water, Air, Earth and Fire. The History of The 4 Elements of Astrology Our vast Universe and all that it contains is built from personality fundamental building blocks of existence. Missing Elements A person may have a predominance of Fire, but lack Water. Water s: Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces Water people are emotional, intuitive, deeply creative, empathetic, spiritual and psychic.

The water person is: Authentic: What they feel is real. Reclusive: Sometimes a personality. Unsocial: Water people can struggle to socially interact Sensitive: They have a deep level of sensitivity Imaginative: They possess a rich imagination Loving: They care and connect with others. Air s: Gemini, Libra and Aquarius Air people are brilliant, curious, independent, talkative they literally fill the air with wordsobservant, and entertaining, but they are also impractical and earthy.

The Air Person is: Fast: They like to get things done earthy.

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Intellectual: They have a huge appetite for information. Communicators: They have a gift for teaching. Connectors: Air people are great at relationships. Fickle: Prone to changing their mind. Disted: Confused about what they personality in life. Non Conformists: They make up their own style and rhythm.

Explore the 4E Process. Earth s: Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn Earth people are grounded, practical, disciplined and focused. The Earth person is: Practical: They are earthy, they want. Organised: They like checklists. Control: They like things to be done their way. Solid: They will always get the job done.