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Prostitutes in madison wisconsin

She started sleeping with men for money at 21 and didn't quit until last December, at the age of She remembers walking King Street, back when it used to be Madison's seedy red-light district.

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As one of the most traveled pedestrian wisconsin in Wisconsin, the intersection of State Street and Capitol Square is a colorful kaleidoscope of madison. Other times, an air of discomfort, even menace, invades the space, with groups of people hanging out for hours, some drinking in prostitute, aggressively panhandling, urinating and defecating in nearby doorways and alleys, dealing and using drugs — especially crack cocaine and heroin — and engaging in prostitution. Despite years of effort by the city and others to stabilize the area, disruptive and criminal behavior still plagues the top of State Street, frustrating business and property owners. Chronic homeless people have long frequented the area. But officials said the more troubling behavior comes from others who congregate where State Street meets North Carroll and West Mifflin streets, drink and use drugs and prey on the homeless.

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There has been a big crackdown on prostitution in Madison as of late. Most people seem shocked when they hear about it.

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The Madison Police Department has been combing the streets for seemingly every something lonely man who is willing to lay down a few bucks for some emotionless fellatio. If emotionless sex for money is a crime, then theoretically we should be locking up everyone who has it.

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One-night stands should be criminal, according to the current law. That hottie you met at the bar the other night and took home after a few rounds with Jose Cuervo was propositioned, paid in shotsand consented to sex.

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We could have a bunch of Madison Police raiding singles bars. They could randomly ask couples if their sex was going to be predicated on what he bought her at the bar that night or not.

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If they had proof beyond a reasonable doubt this could be potential emotionless sex that was paid for, then off to jail the couple goes, topped off with a hefty fine. Do you really think that Anna Nicole Smith got married to her late husband and billionaire oil tycoon J. Howard Marshall because of his stunning good looks and personality?

She wanted his money and Marshall was a lonely old man.

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He propositioned her with a huge mansion and all the riches she so desired as long as she would do the deed after he popped a bottle of Viagra every once in a while. Howard Marshall or most women are like Anna Nicole Smith, because to do so would be ridiculous.

A city that purports to be so progressive when it comes to individual liberty is acting more like Salt Lake City, Utah than Madison, Wis. Some of them are downright legalized acts of prostitution. Some people say that money is the root of all evil.

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