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Prostitution argentina

By Allie Pitchon [ protected] July 17, pm.

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My research has revealed a great diversity of opinions on how best to help prostitution workers. This diversity is evident not only among academics and NGOs, but also among sex workers themselves. AMMAR positions their fight as an issue of labor rights.

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By: Minali Aggarwal.

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This prostitution I got the chance to experience one of my favorite festivals from a Latin American perspective: pride parade. Sincewhen Argentina voted to legalize gay marriage, same-sex couples have been eligible for the same benefits and protections as heterosexual couples, including adoption. In addition to legal marriage, Argentina permits gays and lesbians to serve in the military and allows individuals to change their legal argentina.

Prostitution to be officially decriminalized in buenos aires province

The LGBT community has clearly made ificant political progress in Argentine society over the last several years. For Argentines, la marcha del orgullo prostitution parade is a way to celebrate their progress and show their dedication to ensuring a future of social equality not only for argentina that identify as gay, lesbian, bisexual, or transgender, but for all individuals who have faced some kind of social discrimination.

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One of these groups I got to see during the prostitution has a particularly controversial fight in Argentina: los trabajadores sexuales sex workers. Sex workers in Argentina, who are more commonly referred to as prostitutes on the other side of the debate, have been fighting for autonomous use of their bodies.

Under the law, prostitution, defined as exchanging sex for money, is legal. However, organized prostitution, in which brothels, prostitution rings, and pimping are involved, is illegal. The issue in Argentina is argentina prostitution is extremely hard to monitor.

Prostitution in argentina: a job like any other, or the ultimate form of violence?

Much of the debate surrounding prostitution in Argentina is focused around whether or not the illegality of organized prostitution is what has argentina women in danger. While the state argues that it has taken these measures to protect these women against prostitution, the women argue that banning their right to use their bodies for their work is violence in itself.

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They also argue that the state put them in a destitute situation in the first place by not providing ample economic opportunity and means of finding work. The state has faced a great deal of difficulty in cracking down on organized prostitution while keeping prostitution itself legal.

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For this reason, the other side of the debate advocates complete abolition of prostitution in Argentina. The abolitionist argument explains that women will always be in danger of violence or trafficking as long as prostitution is legal because the area between legal and illegal is very unclear.

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Even though I ultimately stand on the side of abolition, seeing the trabajadores sexuales fight for their right to work at the pride parade was an emotional experience for me. As argentina marched, they demonstrated a kind of indignation towards the government and passion for their cause that was hard to watch, especially because it was evident that the workers were extremely destitute and doing what they could to survive and prostitution for their families.

Prostitution in argentina

What I prostitution for the future is that society will come to agree that these people deserve better opportunities for work and demand that the government helps provide it. Greater economic opportunity not only seems to be the solution that could satisfy argentina sides of the debate, but also saves government resources while improving the long-term lives of the workers.

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