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Prostitution is a sensitive topic.

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As the need for social distancing threatens the livelihood of sex workers, some are using Whatsapp and Google Pay to work from home. Riya has two names. One Hindu, one Muslim. Warna customer nahi aayega We have to go along with the wishes of our customers. Riya is a sex worker.

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The biggest whorehouse in mumbai, an irani restaurant that serves beer, and a mistake not to be made again.

Part 1 of a two-part series where we revisit the lesser-known spots mentioned in the book 'Maximum City' and see how they have changed since the book came out more than a decade ago. A book so definitive that its name became synonymous with the city that it covered.

The genius of the book lay in it speaking about the city at large, through landmarks and personalities that inhabited its fringes. But the recent reports of the Mumbai Police deciding to restrict sex workers to just one lane in Kamathipura the red light district of the citymade me realise how fast these fringes are being erased away into oblivion.

It is named for the headquarters of the Congress Party across the street.

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The building is barely a few hundred metres away from Lamington Road, a place frequented by customers seeking bargains on the latest gadgets. The mujra sessions that happen inside are now the only remnants of that innocent endeavour. A few pimps stand outside the building casually talking and sizing up potential customers while a police truck is parked just a few steps away.

The police truck gives me the strength to go approach a few pimps and ask them if they can get a prostitute to agree to an interview. The pimps are surprisingly polite in making me realize how stupid my idea of just sauntering in and convincing a prostitute to give me a soundbite or two, sounds.

Kamathipura has a new address

They tell me their views though. Jo bhi type ki ladki chahiye woh internet pe mil jaati hai.

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Dhande pe toh effect hoga hi. Internet has been the biggest problem.

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You can get any type of girl you want from the internet. It certainly has affected the business. Even after being told that no prostitute would agree to be photographed, I decide to enter the whorehouse.

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In a corridor of sorts I find Pinky ben playing cards with a few pimps. Aaj se 10 saal pehle bhi zindagi jhand thi aur aaj bhi jhand hai. Nothing has changed.

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Life was hopeless back then also and it still is. She leaves abruptly to resolve an argument between a pimp and a group of young men trying to bring down the price of a prostitute. I decline the offer politely and come out of the complex dodging the I-pill satchets and used sanitary p that dot the sides of the narrow, dark exit.

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There is a great sense of space at the Brabourne not found in Bombay at restaurants ten times as expensive… It serves simple fare: eggs, bread, minced beef, biscuits, tea. Brabourne restaurant at Dhobi Talao now lies closed, much to my dismay.

How sex workers are using technology to service clients during the lockdown

I have no other option but to just take a photo of the shuttered shop where the restaurant once existed. It has gone the way of many other Irani restaurants in the city. High rents and the reluctance of the young generation to run an Irani, are two of the biggest factors prostitute their doom. Monthly rents rose up so high for Brabourne that it was left with only two options — lose the middle class clientele that it had prided itself on, by going upmarket or shut shop. It decided to shut shop. My dreams of having kheema pav with some beer in the evening, under the watchful eyes of Rashid Irani who doubles up as a notable film critic, lay shattered.

Brabourne Restaurant before it closed down and now. Someone locked their door from get outside; someone threw a petrol bomb in through the window. But come any major festival — whether Hindu or Muslim — and the mumbai passes through the border as it is the only road wide enough to carry one, making it, where ironically, the most secular part of the slums.

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It is this rigid segregation that makes me uncomfortable while asking for directions to a building that sparked the Hindu-Muslim riots. The sewers overflow because the requests to unclog them falls on deaf ears and a promise of just 2 hours of water supply in a day is also not met fully, with the taps sometimes drying up way before the 2 hours are up.

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The apathy of the local government towards the slum dwellers, especially the Muslim ones, still remains as it was back in Muslims are being made to suffer a lot. Don't miss a single story.

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Words and Photography: Avijit Pathak. Surf, Sand, Seafood, And Jellyfish

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