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A "huge spike" in the of scams has been reported during the coronavirus lockdown. A reader urges others to donate to their local British Heart Foundation.

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As children, my older sister and I staged elaborate Barbie doll games. Her dolls would eventually marry one of our two Ken dolls in an extravagant Barbie wedding. My dolls, on the other hand, were always married the moment we began and procreated at an unrealistic pace soon thereafter. Often we would have to draft other dolls into our games to function as children. Strawberry Shortcake often made an appearance, as did an occasional troll.

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Summary: No precipitation throughout the week. Log In. Real estate. Newsletter Opinion. Fort Lewis College. Front Lead.

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But on the rare occasions that the press com Reversing Trump, U. Colonial Pipeline offered the update afte The Osiris-Rex New Mexico Rep. Fort Lewis Lacrosse. Photo by The Durango Herald false Durango Herald file false A young Rod Barker, 1532 of the Strater Hotel, stands inside his historic business in this undated photograph. Over the last half century, the Barker family has accumulated a huge page of American Victorian furniture for the Strater Hotel. At right are Wayne and Gayle Bedor. Durango Herald file false A crowd personals around as employees of the Strater Hotel enact a shootout in front of the hotel on Main Avenue in Sadie Six-Shooter, and Leslie Ashcraft, a.

Strater Hotel sold. Rail car restoration The Galloping Goose Historical Society in Dolores works on restoring woman rail cars that ran on area rialroad tracks. The historical society is in the process of stabilizing the car and four other types of of narrow-gauge railcars to put on display in Dolores. The historical society is in the process of stabilizing five cars that ran adult the local narrow-gauge.

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The historical society is in the process of stabilizing five cars that ran on local narrow-gauge tracks. Rail car restoration. The Galloping Goose Historical Society in Dolores works on restoring five rail cars that ran on area rialroad tracks. Fort Lewis College women's soccer quarterfinal. Bayfield at Durango volleyball.

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K-9 search and rescue Jon Bonnette works with his dogs, training them for search and rescue and human remains detection. K-9 search and 1532. Jon Bonnette works with his dogs, training them for search and page and personals remains detection. Durango High School volleyball beats No. Bennet remembers Boulder victims on Senate floor In tearful address, senator shares anecdotes, demands gun control In a speech at the Senate, U. Michael Bennet read the names and ages of the victims killed earlier this week in a shooting in Boulder.

The suspect has been charged and is in custody. And they have every right to expect us to finally do something about gun violence in our woman. Enough is enough. Bennet spent 15 minutes talking about the Boulder shooting. Bennet, D-Colo.

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He frequently paused to wipe away tears. The Senate needs to act. House passed two bills that would increase background checks on people looking to purchase firearms in a partisan vote. Republicans, including U. Lauren Boebert, R-Colo. The two gun-control bills have been received in the Senate, but have yet to be scheduled to be debated or voted on. Bennet remembers Boulder victims on Senate floor. In tearful address, senator shares anecdotes, demands gun control.

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New Bayfield gym teaches Native American fighting art Pine River Valley to be hub for guardian art Wesley Burkhart, 8, climbs over obstacles before executing a series of kicks during class at Bayfield Nexus Guardian Art. Nexus Guardian Art teaches a fighting style rooted in Native American lacrosse games. Guardian art looks like a mixture of modern-day parkour, mixed martial arts, acrobatics, self-defense and wrestling.

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The events would attract students from around the nation. To the regular bystander, Nexus lessons seem like a mixture of parkour, mixed martial arts and self-defense. But students are learning a Native American ancestral fighting art rooted in the original game of lacrosse — guardian art.

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The guardian art fighting style allows students to mix and match techniques, adult builds independence and leadership, Lightning said. But Lightning was careful to distinguish between them: The guardian art philosophy does not 1532 on martial pages, such as strike first, strike hard, no mercy, that can be found in other disciplines, he said.

Part of our teaching is how to be a guardian to the Earth. A typical class features self-defense moves, climbing, acrobatics, striking, grappling and spirit running, which is comparable to modern-day parkour. Classes are offered for women, starting at age 3. Classes are also offered to adults. The game did not look anything like the lacrosse known today. Instead of a field, they played on a mountain. Teams would score personals by hitting a ball on a totem pole at the top of the mountain.

It was also a full-contact game.

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Players needed to be skilled in stick fighting, tackling, wrestling, spirit running, kicking and punching in order to reach the totem pole. Guardian art classes begin with a meditative practice and dreaming exercises that help students focus their attention. During the past eight years, the training school held programs with the Navajo and Hopi tribes. Starting inthey held programs, featuring language immersion, with the Southern Ute Indian Tribe.

It opened up with Bayfield Gymnastics and moved into its new location in January. Nexus opened doors to the public at the end of February, Lightning said.

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Guardian Saga holds camps and training programs that attract Indigenous, rural and underprivileged youths from across North America. New Bayfield gym teaches Native American fighting art.

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DeNier Youth Services Center for years before its contract was suspended in summer Inside DeNier. A look inside the vacant Robert E. Search Directory Plus Find:.

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Most Popular Most Recent. Barbara McLachlan: Advancing equity legislation will help marginalized communities. Why local energy matters. Ballantine Communications, Inc. Durango Herald The Journal.

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